At Brooke Spencer Designs, we work to help our clients develop an environment that belongs uniquely to them.  We believe a good interior should always accommodate the age and stage of the family — integrating places for work and study with those for rest and relaxation.  We often look for a starting point and design a room around it — a special oil painting, an oriental rug, a piece of antique furniture, or a favorite swatch of fabric.  The spirit and character of that object can infuse the room and provide inspiration throughout the house. Art, books, photographs of family  and friends, collections that reflect a family's passions and pastimes are always the best decorations. Sometimes our role is to re-envision and rearrange these things to bring new energy, freshness, and excitement to an already well established interior.


Whatever the goal, we are as well informed about the interior uses for plastic and molded concrete as we are about eighteenth-century painted floor coverings and period window treatments. We can work with English, French, and American antiques  to develop rooms that are historically correct, sophisticated and comfortable.  Or, with a sense of adventure,  we can develop an eclectic mix of art and furnishings that blends the best contemporary design with traditional styles.


Ultimately, the home is a sanctuary. It should embrace the adventures of dogs and children, entice us to experiment in the kitchen, encourage us to invite and entertain, and provide comfort and security in a style that best reflects the family's aspirations and dreams.