Because of our background and interest in classical architecture, our garden designs often have strong architectural elements — used to create clearly defined outdoor rooms that emanate from the lines of the house and natural boundaries.   A reflecting pond or garden pavilion can become a striking focal point.  A lush cutting garden can disguise a fence line and form an inviting border, or, flanked by a pair of classical boxwood parterres, a simple garden pathway can acquire an element of grandeur and grace.  These garden rooms become extensions of the house, drawing us out of doors and encouraging us to connect with nature.


A garden should be suitable, sustainable, and always beautiful — no matter the season.  With an eye toward the historical use of trees and plants in the great gardens of England and France, the vast majority of the plants we use are native plants, as they are low maintenance, in keeping with the natural landscape, attractive to wildlife, and always — even to the untrained eye — create a sense of belonging.